The Whiz Kids Quiz

Will your child pass?

Our kids like to think they know it all (or at least more than us) but how much do they really understand about the costs of smoking? Our 10 question quiz – with the option to share results on Facebook and Twitter – tests their knowledge and opens the door for conversation.

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Keeping kids from smoking is an ongoing and complex task. Here you’ll find inspiring ideas, proven parenting advice and useful tools to raise healthy, confident kids capable of making good choices…including staying smoke free.

Keep Kids From Smoking

It takes more than a single conversation to keep kids from smoking. Find out how self-esteem, stress, courage, family time and more all contribute to keeping kids tobacco free.

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Raising Healthy Kids

Every parent’s wish is to raise happy, healthy children. We’ll help you along with tips on teaching healthy habits, managing stress, staying active and building self-esteem.

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Building Parent-Child Relationships

You love them. You want to strangle them. Our children are our world but that doesn’t mean we always know how to relate to them. Read on for new ideas on how to connect (or re-connect) with the kids in your life.

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Teaching Good Decision Making

We’re not always going to be there for our kids but—hopefully—the lessons we instill about how and why to make good decisions will stay with them.

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