1. Michael Cary says:

    What are the ingredients in e-cigarettes?

  2. Lawrence Hall says:

    A few things to add.

    You state 1.78 million kids have tried e-cigs since 2012 – but thats not ‘since 2012′ Thats as-of 2012. later you state that “Use” has doubled from ~5% to ~10%. The latest NYTS shows a 6.4% rate for ‘Ever tried an E-Cig”.

    ‘have tried’ is not the same thing as ‘use’ (i.e currently use – kept on using after they tried).

    The closest you can get to ‘use’ is asked in these surveys as ‘have you used an e-cig in the last 30 days’ which rate is 2%

    So ‘tried once’ is 6.4%, and ‘used on in last 30 days’ is 2% – as close as the data gets to ‘use’.

    The vapor that comes from an e-cig isn’t water vapor. Its mostly 2 very safe chemicals plus some nicotine and some flavorings. But you don’t see it leave the e-cig – its going into someones mouth. The vapor that leaves their mouth and nose is mostly water vapor (quite de-hydrating) but does contain a bit of the chemicals that came from the e-cig. You can smell it – so its certainly not ‘just’ water vapor.

    The government gets its data on sales and users from convenience and drug stores. The e-cigs sold in such places are cigarette-shaped devices that come loaded with juice and are disposeable or use replaceable cartridges. There are many more types that use juice refilled from bottles. If you are looking for help quitting smoking, you want one of those better ones. They are sold mostly thru internet shops, tobacconists and dedicated ‘vape-shops’ and are mostly not included in the government’s data.

    Estimates that include these devices and juices are $3 billion in sales – 20,000 small businesses, 100,000 products (lots of small companies each with a menu-full of flavor recipes).

    Those 2.5+ million adult ex-smokers using e-cigs and vaporizers want a wide variety of flavors – especially flavors that taste nothing at all like tobacco. After vaping lemonaid, butterscotch, black liquorice, Mocha and such yummy flavors – relapsing to cigarettes would take a big step of learning to tolerate the taste of smoke again.

    • Renée Robinson says:

      Thank you for engaging with us on this subject, Lawrence. We have revisited our sources and made some minor changes to help clarify our information. Because you are clearly passionate about this subject, we would love to know if you are interested in being a guest blogger for RPRA? If yes, email us at info@realparentsrealanswers.com. Thanks.

  3. Jan Britt says:

    Thanks for your post. I really like the information which you have shared in your post about the e cigarettes

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